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See below for a list of supported vendors.

2nd & Charles B&H Best Buy
Costco D&H Fred Meyer
Frys Electronics Gamestop Geek Squad
H.E.B. Kmart Meijer
Micro Center Nebraska Furniture Mart PC Richard
Radio Shack RC Willey Sams Club
Sears Staples Target
Video Games Etc Walmart  

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Our new program and rewards reflects today’s PlayStation community, from the hardcore gamers to the store associate simply looking to bring excitement and focus to their business (and impress their boss). Rewards won't always be easy to earn, but we feel that the new site's community will be more engaged in the process, more entertained, and ultimately more educated on new and upcoming PlayStation titles.

We have moved away from physical media and tchotchkes to a digital model. The new rewards system will enable you, our faithful community, to earn exciting exclusive in-game items and content on top of digital copies of the latest and greatest hit AAA or indie titles.

The PlayStation brand has evolved leaps and bounds since we started OnPlayStation, and now it's time to bring the system into a whole new era and look forward to assisting your growth along with our own.


How do I earn points?

Rewards can be earned by completing content, earning badges & unlocking achievements. Getting on the Leaderboard determines your eligibility for Monthly Rewards and the higher your status on the Leaderboard increases the frequency of winning a Limited Edition Reward.

Where is the catalog | redemption form?

We no longer have a catalog or a form for rewards. Rewards are earned based on your activity and the amount of prizing quantity available. With the digital reward model, we’ve been able to provide more members with prizes than ever before.

What are points used for?

Points earned secure your position on the Leaderboard.

Can I go back and complete older achievements?

If they’re available, yes but Monthly Achievements however have an expiration date. We suggest you complete them before they expire.

Where do I check to see how many points I have?

In the Leaderboards, you can see your current point totals and how you stack up with other OnPlayStation members.

How do I unlock a Digital Rewards?

Stay active and engaged by unlocking badges and earning Leaderboard points. The Rewards are assigned randomly.

Verified Status

How do I get verified?

Once you Register via the link above you can submit a Participant Verification Form and you will be required to submit a copy of your most recent paystub.

Can I Register through my PlayStation Rep?

Absolutely! Reach out to your PS Rep and they can walk you through the process at your store during their next visit.

I'm waiting to be Verified. Can I still log into the App to learn?

Of course! You can go in an learn about all the cool PlayStation products and gain points, however only verified members will be able to fully participate in all member Rewards. So make sure you get verified as soon as you can!


Where do my digital items go?

Unlocked Items or Rewards are sent directly into your App Inbox.

Can I only get games? What other things can I download?

Avatars/Themes/DLC/Digital Currency and more to come!

Can I only use one PSN ID for the program?

Yes, one PSN ID per program account.

Can I get a PS4 system?

You'll have opportunities to win PS4 systems through special sweepstakes and contests.